Attitude Pumps

Attitude is one of life’s greatest predictors of success.  Join John for his series of Attitude Pumps, short and energy driven videos discussing how to use your attitude to shape your life and business.  These brief yet highly compelling videos will give you the burst of liveliness you need to start your day with a great attitude and end it with extraordinary success. 

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Annual Membership Subscription

  • A weekly Attitude Pump. When you subscribe to Attitude Pump you will have a private user name and password exclusive to you that will give you access to the Attitude Pump Membership Portal. Each week you will receive an email alerting you that your next Attitude Pump is awaiting you. When you receive your Attitude Pump in your portal it will come in three forms:
    - A written summary of the Attitude message;
    - A 3-5 minute video of the Attitude Pump and;
    - An audio of the Attitude Pump, which is downloadable for you.
    You will receive 52 Attitude Pumps - one per week for one year.

Week 11 Free Preview:
Are You a Charger or a Drainer?

Do you charge or drain other’s batteries? Set a goal to leave a wake of optimism and high expectation with the people you touch. Set a goal that every person who you are in a conversation with feels better about themselves and life in general as the result of their time with you. When you start having a positive affect on other people, you will be amazed at the accomplishments that will come as a consequence of your genuine desire to make a difference beyond your bank account.

Week 9 Audio Preview:
Rate Yourself

You improve what you measure. Create a habit of rating yourself every evening before you go to bed.  This rating should measure the quality of your attitude that day. Score yourself on a 1-10 scale. 1 was a terrible attitude-10 was a phenomenal attitude. Write down the number on a post it note and put it on your bathroom mirror prior to bed. When you awake remind yourself to measure your attitude today. Strive for a ten regardless of what the day brings.

If you would like to subscribe simply contact us!